Cute Translator 6.12
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Cute Translator 6.12

Translates words and phrases between 53 major languages
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Cute translator is a multi-language machine translation tool. According to its website, the tool supports translations between 53 major languages. It can translate text that you type or paste into the main window, or it can open documents and translate them all.

The main window is very basic. It consists of two panes where the source and target texts are displayed. When you open a document, its text is pasted on the top pane and after a translation, the translated text is displayed on the bottom one. Cute Translator also supports text-to-speech. At first, the application downloads the speech file for the language you want it to read out loud. For each different language, a new download will be started.

The quality of the translations made by Cute Translator is below average. The application doesn't even get right the most of basic things, like subject/adjective coherence. It also leaves words untranslated and it even messes up the format of the text for no apparent reason.

Cute Translator installs an "assistant" played by a character. He looks like Merlin. He gives you tips about the application and reads for you. He also falls asleep if you don't touch the application for a while and starts snoring, which is really, really annoying.

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José Fernández
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  • It can open documents and read text aloud


  • Awful translation quality


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